Provided you have met the requirements for a credit, you may expect a refund within 15 days of our receiving your returned fine linen product. You will be refunded the shipping cost if the return resulted from a manufacturer’s error or an overcharge on shipping from us.

Most purveyors of fine linens hold that selecting quality bed linens is not done by thread-count alone. Rather the quality of the bed sheeting is determined by three major components: 1) the quality of the yarns 2) the construction and 3) the finishing.

Yarn quality
This is dependent on the length of the staple, or cotton fiber. Long-staple cotton can be spun into a smoother and stronger fine yarn. This will result in more threads per inch, thus a higher thread count and a fine hand or feel. You may find a higher thread count with a heavier and coarser feel which is likely due to the use of shorter staple cotton threads.

Look for designer bedding products woven by top weavers as these manufacturers understand what type and quality of yarns are needed to produce the finer linen fabrics.

Attention to detail in the fabric finishing and sewing affects the quality of the final linen product. Most quality linen sheeting is mercerized which gives the fabric greater luster and strength. Quality sheeting should be generous in size, which will allow for a bit of normal shrinkage. Look for hand sewn details, such as embroidery and hemstitching along with a traditional European return on the top sheet.