Sferra-Olindo Wool Blanket


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We scoured the globe to find the perfect light- to medium-weight wool blanket that met with our fastidious approval. At the end of our globetrotting, we found ourselves right back where we started, with the craftsmen we know and trust. Yes, Olindo is woven by one of our favorite mill masters in Italy, crafted from the rarest and most extraordinary Merino lambswool in all of Australia. This ultra-fine wool is known for its supreme comfort and warmth. We have it spun and woven into a plush ground with an exceptionally lofty weave—this unique construction creates countless tiny air pockets within the fabric, and these little thermal bubbles form the secret to Olindo’s soft, spectacular warmth. Each generously sized luxury blanket is finished with fabric-bound hems for durability and comes in three decorator colors. And best of all, it comes in a linen fabric bag; use it when storing in your linen closet.

Fabric: 100% Ultra-Fine Merino Wool, imported from Australia

Woven in Italy

Care Points: Dry Clean Only

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