Sferra-Giza 45 Ornato

Inspired by the intricate and refined Italian lace in the SFERRA archives, Giza 45 Ornato is framed by a macramé lace inset that traces a border around a silken Giza 45 sateen base. Ornate yet refined, Ornato embodies sumptuous classicism at its finest.


Sateen with Italian-made lace-inset


100% Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton with 85% Cotton and 15% Polyster lace-inset


Hemstitch on both sides of lace inset

Flange Measurements

Shortened-flanges, approximate measurements: Duvet Cover: 2.5 inches, including lace; Shams: 2-inches, including lace; Boudoir: 2-inches, including lace; Flat Sheet and Pillowcases: 3.5-inches, including lace; lace inset is on body of sheet and case, not included in cuff

Country of Origin



Machine wash warm water on gentle cycle. Do not use bleach (bleaching may weaken fabric and cause yellowing). Do notuse fabric softener. Wash dark colors separately. Tumble dry on low heat. Remove while still damp. Steam iron on “cotton” setting to regain lusterand sheen.



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