Huddleson-Italian Linen Printed Table Linens-Tropical Leaves Tablecloth Square

  • – White pure linen tablecloth with unique hand-painted print of tropical leaves in a deep, rich green
  • – A wonderful piece of functional art, that will become a beloved part of special gatherings
  • – 100% Italian linen
  • – Machine washable
  • – Custom sizes available.
  • – All our linens can be machine-washed.   Wash your linens separately.  We recommend using the extra rinse option to ensure all detergent is removed, which will prolong their life.
  • – For stubborn spills, soak the linens overnight in a tub of water and one cup of stain remover.
  • – Never use chlorine bleach, which may damage the fibers.
  • – Popular detergents for linen products include Le Blanc Linen Wash, Oxi Clean and Biz Stain Fighter.
  • – We recommend line drying, however if you tumble dry, use a low heat and take them out before completely dry and lay flat.
  • – If you choose to iron, for best results iron while slightly damp.
  • – We do not recommend dry-cleaning our linens.
  • – Sizes may vary by up to 5%.


Designer: Huddleson