Cozy Earth-Bamboo Comforter

  • Bamboo Comforters
  • Temperature regulating – won’t overheat, significantly reduces humidity
  • Thinner profile – soft, light-weight, quiet, body contouring, cuddle friendly, quilt-like feel
  • Perfect for hot sleepers or humid climates
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Premium 100%  viscose from bamboo fabric and fill – tested free of harmful chemicals
  • Filling never shifts
  • The world’s softest bamboo-based fabric and fiber 
  • Perfect for those who want something cuddly to drape over them, but don’t need anything heavy
  • Can be used as a comforter by itself, or as an “insert” inside our Bamboo Duvet Cover
  • Features anchor loops that match ties in our Bamboo Duvet, so it won’t shift around
  • Oversized to fit every type of bed and sleeper
  • Pesticide-free bamboo derived from sustainable, certified wild crops/agriculture
  • White color – no harmful dyes or excess chemicals
Choose the perfect comforter to suit your climate or personal temps:
All Season Weight–just the right fill for southern/warmer climates… (Twin: 1130g, Queen: 1500g, King: 1800g)
Winter Weight–fills are perfect for the northern/cooler climates……..(Twin: 1500g, Queen: 2000g, King: 2400g)
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Designer: Cozy Earth

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