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Cutwork: An embroidery in which the design is formed by cutting away fabric from openings which have been outlined in a buttonhole stitch.

Hemstitch: A stitch made by looping around two or more threads in drawnwork, grouping them to form different designs. Hemstitch is generally found near stitching lines of hems.

Jacquard: An intricate woven design made on a jacquard loom and usually done in brocade, tapestry, and especially damask.

Mercerization: The treatment of cotton yarn to give a luster and softness on the cloth.

Organdy: A very fine, light, nearly transparent cotton muslin given a finish that is crisp.

Organza: A sheer fabric, usually silk, that is thicker and stiffer than organdy.

Percale: A closely woven cotton that is smooth and crisp. Commonly used for making sheets.

Sateen: A woven cotton generally made of the finest long-staple Egyptian cottons creating a soft hand and silky luster.

Thread-count: A measure of the number of yarns (threads) woven into one square inch of fabric.