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Humanity Organics- Family Sleeper
Humanity Organics- Family Sleeper

  • Our patented bed-top sleeper makes bed sharing a breeze! Prevents roll-offs. Large pad for mama and baby to sleep and breastfeed. Soft organic cotton to absorb leaks so no sleeping on wet sheets. Easy to use. No belts, straps or buckles. Pad stays in place. Doctor recommended and endorsed.
  • Removable body pillow is 'perfect' for the mama to be. Recommended by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists.
  • Sleep peacefully knowing your baby is safely by your side, for nursing and nurturing with the Humanity Family Sleeper

  • The Humanity Family Sleeper is easy to use, completely washable and made from safe eco friendly materials.

    The Humanity Family Sleeper is great when traveling. Turn new and different sleep environments into a safe and familiar family bed.

    Sized to fit children from birth through toddlerhood. When your little one is ready for their own bed the Family Sleeper can go with them. No rolling out of their own bed either!

    Family Sleeper
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